Punta del Este Flight School was established in 2010. Our inspiration was to become a regional and international reference training centre by offering a comprehensive and personalized training to pilots, flight attendants, flight dispatchers, drone pilots, etc.


To achieve our goal, we visited centers located in Sweden, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and the United States. Later on, after having created Punta del Este Flight School, we returned to some of these centers to show what we had done in Uruguay. Since then, we have always received words of congratulation, recognition and motivation to continue on the chosen path.


Many ask us why we remain the only Certified private training center in Uruguay. We respond with the following explanation: In aviation, there is a trilogy that shouldn't be broken: SAFETY-QUALITY-EFFICIENCY. In our case it means that a safe and efficient aviation is not possible without quality training and instruction. This is our main responsibility. We want our students to be educated in these values.


The Certification issued by the civil aviation national authority DINACIA grants quality assurance and compliance with current rules of our instruction. We are the only private school to have this recognition in Uruguay.


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